S.T.A.R. Registration

Parent Registration

Family Registration

Gives your child access to:

  • Regular weekly curriculum exercises
  • Hints and explanation on weekly content
  • Assessment and revision exercises
  • Practice exercises throughout the year
  • NAPLAN practice if they are in years 3 or 5
  • Customise their character and house
  • Fun activities and leaderboard prizes

You will also have access to:

  • Your mobile app to connect and engage with your child
  • Notifications on their achievements & milestones
  • Notification when strengths or gaps are identified
  • View all homework, progress and growth results
  • Send fun e-stickers and gifts
  • Create additional free accounts
Teacher Registration

Teacher Registration

This registration will enable teachers to:


  • Create and manage your class
  • Create student accounts for S.T.A.R. Maths Online
  • Plan out homework for your class throughout each term
  • Create assessment and revision exercises
  • A powerful tailored learning modules
  • Unlimited NAPLAN practice modules for years 3 & 5
  • View student’s progress & results throughout the year
  • Motivate students with fun in game e-stickers and gifts
School Registration

School Registration

Interested in registering your school to our software? Get in contact with us for a tailored school level platform including all features of teachers and student access.

  • Admin access to administer teachers and student accounts
  • Tailored class/year level reports
  • Growth and progression reports for each year or class
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