We know that our teachers are passionate. However with class numbers growing combined with higher standards and expectations on our teachers, there’s a growing burden and stress on our teachers. That’s why S.T.A.R Maths Online was born.

In S.T.A.R Maths Online’s development, we asked how we can create software that will create a fun and interactive environment for kids to learn Maths as well as alleviate some of the administrative burdens on our teachers and then offer it to our schools who are in much need of the support for free.

S.T.A.R Maths Online’s vision is to try and fill a growing gap in our education system, which is extra support for everyone.

How do we benefit the kids?

– Online community environment where it is fun to spend time learning

– As students progress and excel, S.T.A.R Maths Online will automatically increase the level of difficulty to match their potential

– When students are having difficulties with certain concepts, our software will set the questions to be easier ensuring that their gaps are filled before they progress.

How do we benefit the teachers?

– S.T.A.R. Maths Online follows the NSW curriculum guidelines set out by the board of studies.
– A powerful and easy tool to plan out the year’s homework schedule while having the flexibility to adjust the teaching program weekly.
– All questions completed by students are automatically marked and results are fed back live to your login.
– An option to request questions to be added to S.T.A.R Maths Online tailored to a concept you have taught in class.
– Full reports of results throughout the year to ensure that no information is missed.

How do we benefit the parents?
– A parent’s portal to ensure parents are part of their child’s educational journey!

We firmly believe that classroom teaching supplemented by computerised education can bring out the best of every student and reduce the amount of time teachers spend on administration.

Our vision at S.T.A.R. Maths Online is not only to build great educational software but also provide a smart and powerful tool for teachers enabling them to spend their time on what counts!

As part of our pilot launch of S.T.A.R. Maths Online, we will be providing teachers and schools with free access over the next year starting from term three 2016!


If your school may have challenges implementing a technological solution, please still be in contact as we want to know about your challenges and see what else we can do to help.

Kind Regards

Team S.T.A.R. Maths Online

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