June 30, 2018

An online maths software that gives children a maths teacher?

We are in the 21st century, and technology has made leaps and bounds to improve our daily life. Unfortunately, education has been an area where technology is not moving fast enough to better equip our child’s educational growth and development.

According to the Gonski recommendations, the approach we need to take is to tailor each child’s learning experience to help them achieve academic growth and success.

S.T.A.R Maths online is the first online software that is putting the Gonski’s recommendations at the heart of what it does. Each child will be given a personalised learning experience to deliver results by steering away from just hastily trying to complete the curriculum at a mediocre standard.

So how does the software achieve this?

By providing a maths teacher behind every single child!

Children are given regular activities to complete. Once completed, our teachers will review their results and determine whether a child is excelling or struggling with their foundations.

The teacher then provides supplementary content, which the smart software then organises and personalises a learning programme that best caters to their ability. This approach gives our children the focus they need to strengthen weaker content and accelerate their skills where they excel. This unique approach will guide them on a path to reach their full potential.

Is it just all about maths?

S.T.A.R Maths Online delivers a balance between smart education and fun. From customising their characters, pets and house to a range of fun activities – it will motivate them to learn maths! By encouraging your children to use the software, it gives our teachers better insights into your child’s capabilities which will aid in the creation of a maths program that will be most beneficial for them.

But what about parents?

Parents will have access to their own phone app to connect and engage with their children. From sending e-stickers, online gifts to words of encouragement when they need it most. Because being a part of your child’s educational journey can mean the world to them, to let them know that you are always there.

Because in the 21st century, we want education to be intelligent, personalised and most of all, fun for our children!

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