Primary children maths skills improved by 39% on average with S.T.A.R. Maths Online!

Primary children who actively use S.T.A.R. Maths Online were improving on average of 39%! This was the average percentage of improvement from over 3500 students who used our software in 2018!

So how do our children achieve such great improvements?

We provide an initial assessment

When students use S.T.A.R. Maths Online at the beginning or at the start of term 3, we provide an initial assessment to understand their capabilities and from there S.T.A.R. Maths Online’s magic happens!

Regular weekly maths activities

Each week, we provided curriculum exercises to ensure that each child has the opportunity to consolidate their learnings.

Revision, half-yearly and yearly assessments

At the end of each term, we provide children with revision exercises and half yearly and yearly assessments to give parents insights on how their child is tracking throughout the year!

Our maths questions are fun, engaging and intelligent!

We know primary children loves engaging content and our maths questions are just that. Questions that are designed to be fun, engaging and educational with explanations to each question!

But our questions are special, if your child is excelling or may have missed their foundation, our questions will adjust in the level of difficulty to help them improve without making it too difficult.


Providing each child with a tailored learning experience!

Every week after our children complete their exercise activities, our teachers behind the scenes will assess how they went and allocate supplementary exercises to either excel them or fill in any gaps.

A fun way to be of your child’s education!

Our parents will have access to their own mobile app to view their child’s results, send fun e-stickers to motivate or encourage their child when they need it most!

More than just maths

It’s not just about studying, we’ve added fun games and activities to ensure your child is having fun while they are learning. But don’t worry, our games are also educational!

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