Classes using S.T.A.R. Maths Online in 2018 showed improvements on average of 33%!

We’ve never settled on our pursuit to give teachers with the best tools to help their students learn, improve and consolidate their base. In 2018, of the 1500 student accounts used by teachers to manage their class, students showed an improvement of 33% on average! This was a fantastic result for teachers and their respective classes. With the help of teachers providing feedback and request for new features, we’ve made S.T.A.R. Maths Online even better in 2019!


So what upgrades are available with S.T.A.R. Maths Online in 2019?


Assessment & revision modules:

We have developed an assessment and revision module for you to see how their children are tracking or help them consolidate what they learnt throughout the term.

The assessment allows you to create mini-tests for your class to either test them on a half-yearly or yearly basis. Teachers have also used this assessment module to test students on how well they understood the previous year’s content.

The Revision module can create exercises at the end of the term for students to consolidate what they have learnt throughout the term.


Creating weekly homework made easy!

We’ve updated the design and user experience so that creating homework activities can be done easily and effortlessly! Our teachers were able to create homework activities for the year within a day!


Questions updated,  explanation and much more!

We’ve updated our questions to be more engaging and included explanations when students incorrectly answer a question. Furthermore, each question now has adaptive learning. Depending on how well students understand each concept, the difficulty will adapt to their capabilities!


Targeted learning has never been so achievable!

We’ve developed the most powerful tool to teachers the insights needed to tailor each child’s learning experience. Throughout the year, our software will pick up when students are excelling or has gaps and give you insights on how to best help each student with ease!

Fun, engaging, intelligent and still FREE!

S.T.A.R. Maths Online in 2019 will provide teachers with an amazing experience when managing and helping their class improve and consolidate their maths skills! We’re passionate in our vision to build the best tools available to empower teachers in their strive to help their children learn, practice and grow!

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